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I was always able to tell who the narrator reading as, even if it never said. Sign up Login.

50 Shades of Gay

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7 Gay Audiobooks to Listen to With Pride - hibooks Blog

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Like a lot of romance novels and rom-com movies , the two start off not particularly fond of each other. Inevitably their paths cross, the stars align etc.

50 Shades of Gay

A lot of Young Adult novels and TV shows will include gay male characters who usually receive very little character development and who often play second-fiddle to the romantic, angsty goings on of their heterosexual peers. The book was adapted into a movie, Love, Simon in Simon vs. What starts out as a bromance develops into something a little more steamy. The two go off to war, with Patroclus following his love into battle.

Homer would be proud of her.

Johnnie Audiobook Romance

Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood like a hundred golden urns pouring out of the sun. The Sparsholt Affair is far more ambitious, spanning 70 years, from the s to the present. David Sparsholt, athletic, charismatic, and attractive, is studying at Oxford.

When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri

When Grayson draws the younger man into his private orbit and initiates him into his sexual world, the younger man can tell that kinky sex has shielded Grayson from having a real emotional connection with another man. Written By: Share it with us in the comments below. Marcus is a year old straight man whom against all odds, finds the woman of his dreams. Wrong Way Home:

As the war rages over the skies of London, Oxford is left eerily untouched. Here, David meets Evert and their unconventional relationship intensifies , casting shadows long into both their futures.